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    Turbo Image Compressor

    With high resolution cameras, images are simply too big to send via email or display quickly on a web page. Lots of images can also consume lots of disk space.

    Large images reduce website performance dramatically, which has a negative impact on SEO (Google rank).

    This tool allows you to quickly and easily reduce image file sizes dramatically with little or no loss of image quality.

    Compress, resize, resample and rotate JPEG image files in batches with independent settings for each image.

    Ability to compress images to a desired file size in kilobytes, this will automatically compress and shrink the image until the desired file size is achieved.

    Automated deployment scripts can be defined and scheduled to run when the compression queue has finished.


    • Images are processed locally, they are not uploaded to a server
    • Process images in batches
    • Global or independent settings for each image
    • Live preview of the compressed image
    • Live preview of the original image
    • Optional slider to set compression quality
    • Compress and resize automatically based on a target file size
    • Reduce image size by max width or max height in pixels
    • Rotate images 90, 180 or 270 degrees
    • Resample resized or rotated images for improved image quality
    • Create thumbnails for each image
    • Customizable default settings and layout
    • Filter images by file size
    • Deep scan through sub folders
    • Option to replace the original files to save disk space
    • Ability to automatically deploy the compressed images to your websites using custom batch scripts
    • Create a JSON file for optional import into database
    • No prerequisites. Simply install, run and enjoy

    To avail of the Pro features, purchase a license key from our Gumroad page and enter it within the application’s Product menu.

    Turbo Image Compressor: Free

    Turbo Image Compressor Pro: $15.99 per year (ex VAT)

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